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Architecture Consultancy

Delegated a rock-solid foundation to provide creative and innovative building design solutions by making comprehensive use of Advance algorithms and tools. Engaged in developing good architecture design that is always profitable for the long-term timeless worth of infrastructure be it in terms of flexibility, sustainability, functional spaces, and quality of life.

Setup Project

The expertise of a non-tech guy is often overlooked as it is a back-end job. Although the efforts required to estimate goals, define deliverables, create a project schedule, assign responsibilities, and present illustrations are lot more challenging than you can ever determine, as it requires lots of creative thinking to quantify all the tasks.

Code Review

Coalesced with a group of team members in the act of solving software errors synchronously and comprehensively by intervening in the collection of codes to create a effortless software workflow. Many people overlook these tasks, as it seems convenient and easy however lots of effort is involved in debugging the software code to find out errors, irregular formatting, or illogical issues in the Code review process. It is a crucial step needed for the smooth functioning of software integration and also for increasing the efficiency of software for customers.

Managing Teams

Orchestrated numerous software teams in My Career and guided them in achieving the desired results through coordinated efforts. Headed the Development team and cleared out expectations, met deadlines, followed current web trends, involved the entire team while making decisions, motivated the team, and always created a friendly atmosphere by understanding their concerns to achieve fruitful end results with ten times the better product for market fit.

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