My work at

Panoptic Analytics

as the Head of Software and IT

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Chaired the Panoptic’s dev team as the Head Of Software & IT and our main goal was in improving client’s experience, bringing advanced features, and simplifying the lives of people. Operated in the firm as Application development, planning, and monitoring of software development team. Accomplished tasks through the coordination of cross-functional skills as Software Architect, Technology selector, Innovator, Digital Influencer, and mentor in the organization.

The company provides support services to startups and fast-growing companies related to data enrichment & cleaning, lead generation, mobile app, and software development.

Lifted the business by coming up with innovative ideas, Technical strategies and rediscovered the core of marketing in the business world. Outpaced in developing user-friendly software with a well-designed user interface by keeping in mind the usability perspective.

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Products & Solutions


ExploreBit is trusted by thousands of people worldwide as an effective approach to explore prospects for business growth and development, explore analytics for getting regular trend updates, explore investors for fund gathering, and explore investments to invest in promising startups.

The platform provides distinctive features such as Open Deals (where startups can contact investors directly with less hussle), Custom Analytics (to generate historical trends of startups), Powerful Dashboard (insight details of current fund situation), EB Connect (to get high-profile people contact details). Executed the platform so skillfully that it helps to boost the company's sales and reach around the globe.

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Seemly attracts prospects to businesses for a product or service and helps to turn that goal into sales through lead generation.

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Aseemly is developed to fulfill the demands of the sales & data team related to quality assurance and in-depth research of the product. It also helps in determining whether products meets specific requirements. Guides the sales team in meeting the expectations and needs of the user’s queries with quick solutions.

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