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Collaborated with the company as MEAN Stack Developer and formulated in coming up with ideas to enhance the user's experience by developing web APIs that are easily accessible to get all the information needed to be related to imports, exports, trending products, shipping volume, geographical location of a particular product. At XportMine, one can get all the actionable insights of 51+ Countries on the import-export industry and supply chain management with a single click.

Pioneered with the team on scaling up the software, encouraging innovations, and interacting with the team to implement Current trends and design for success. Developed fast and scalable web apps to make the application reliable for the users by getting Quick Trading details in the market. Designed and maintained fully functional relational and non-relational databases for complete access on single platform.

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Products & Solutions

Xportmine Website

Harmonized with the team as a Front-end developer in creating a user-friendly website and mobile app by developing and maintaining the user interface for a smooth workflow.

Xportmine App Platform

Partnered with the team as both Front-end and Back-end developer and as a team member melded in developing major API, libraries and modules of the code for the system. On the other hand also focused on creating well-framed database architecture and improved the site interaction with reliable features.

In House Softwares

Mentored in fostering Sales and Data entry software for the company. Sales Software, responsible for selling products based on customer needs and demands, guided the team in driving sales through engagement of customers, providing knowledge of products and by suggesting products to them. Data entry software, maintain bodies of information regarding user requirements, providing mechanisms for manipulation and sanity to the users.

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