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Moderated as a Full Stack developer at Zykrr, navigated my role as a web developer by building innovative web app features to scale. Harmonized my core skills in the firm as Software Developer, Innovator, Technology enthusiast, Stack builder, and Learner to achieve computational tasks.

Zykrr was developed to sustain customer excellence for growth and retention of clients by implementing advanced technologies, leading VOC (Voice of Customer) and High NPS (Net Promoter Score) across multiple industries such as Airline, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Retail and B2B clients.

At Zykrr, Analyzed the software requirement needs based on their expectations and manifested the application from the front-end, back-end, and APIs to get the desired output. Consulted with my Non-Tech team for coming up with better product than our competitors that has add-on features, innovative solutions to problems, creating products not projects, recognizing risks and taking actions, and implementing Quality controls.

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Products & Solutions

Zykrr Platform

Coalesced with the core team as both Front-end and Back-end Developer. As a Front-end developer, focused on the visual elements of the site especially on the major libraries and modules of the system. As a Back-end developer, diversified my skills by server monitoring and managing databases in the team.

Also, united with the team as a Client-side developer in creating visually appealing software and a dynamic website for integration with the client system efficiently.

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